︎Men’s standard size 10–13, fits a women’s 8–10.5 with extra heel room. 
︎Our jacquard knit cotton, spandex, elastic, and nylon athletic sock designed with compression ribbing @ arch and reinforced toe and heel for optimum golf performance and classiness. Feel that perfect follow through on and off the course. 



We’re just a team of creative individuals who enjoy golf and art. Occasionally also making cool things that would look great in your home and on your body. 

There are many similarities between golf and art. In golf, you are faced with challenges and in design you are faced with constraints. Both limit your ability to achieve a goal, however, these limitations bring out the best in your creativity and challenge you to successfully complete the assignment or hole. Golf is game and so is life. There are obstacles, hazards, and rules, but there is also an aspect of solitude in golf that is very similar to life. We face these challenges with people around us. They are able to tell us what they think we should do and how we should do it, but it is up to us to hit the ball and accept whatever consequence that decision left us at. It is how we fail in solitude where we can grow the most.

In this next phase you are in right now, golf will start to become a bigger part of Tashokuno’s focus. Combining nature, physics, history, and technology into this bigger picture. If you are reading this, thank you for becoming apart of this first step. These are the very first stages of commitment to this idea and if you have any questions and want to be apart of this journey on a more serious level, email us here. Welcome to the community.